Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Statement Floral Earrings

-Beadaholique Clip On Earring Backs ($3.25 per pair)
-Krazy Glue ($4)
-2 Rose Flower Pendant Beads ($5)
-4mm Rhinestone Strands ($19/yard)
-2 Rhinestone Appliques ($10 each)
-Sporting Goods Monofilament Fishing Line
-Wire cutters
1. Use wire cutters to snip your rhinestone strand into two equal pieces. Each strand should be approximately 1½ to 2 inches in length, depending on your preference.
2. Now it's time to attach the rhinestone strand to the floral bead that will serve as the base of our earrings. There are two holes on the back of each flower bead; string the fishing line through the two holes.
3. Place the rhinestone strand on the back of the flower bead-make sure the rhinestones are facing outward, toward the face of the flower bead-and secure it with the fishing line. A simple knot will do the trick.
4. Use glue to attach the round rhinestone applique to the lower half of the rhinestone strand, making sure that the flower bead, rhinestone strand, and applique are all facing the same direction. Wait approximately 20-30 minutes until dry. Repeat steps two and three for second earring.
5. Use glue to adhere the earring backs to the flower bead. Wait approximately 20-30 minutes until both earrings are completely dry.


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