Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Lanvin Belt

-Double Faced Satin Ribbon (approximately 2 ¾ inch wide)
-Sequin Patches
-Fabric Glue
-1 yard of Black Felt
1. Before cutting the ribbon, measure your natural waist-where the belt should hit-then add 12 inches to that number. (For example, if your waist is 25" around, you'll need 37" of ribbon. The extra inches will allow you to tie the belt around your waist.) Once you have the correct number, cut a piece of double satin ribbon to that length. Set ribbon aside.
2. Now it's time to make the glitzy part of the belt! Place the yard of black felt in front of you, then arrange the sequin patches to create a design you like. PS: it's okay if they overlap.
3. Once you are happy with how you've placed the patches, apply fabric glue to the back of each one and adhere to the felt. Hold in place for a few seconds to help set.
4. After your sequin patches are dry, it's time to trim the felt! Snip any extra felt around the outside edges of the sequin patches; the goal is to give it a clean and finished edge.
5. Once you have cut out the sequin design, attach it to the center of the ribbon using a generous amount of the fabric glue. PS: A glue gun also works as well.

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