Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Color Blocked Bottoms

- A pair of chinos, boyfriend jeans or shorts
- 4 oz fabric or craft paint
- Flat paintbrush
- Small plastic tray
- Masking tape

1. Measure up to wherever you want the color blocking to begin (Half-way up your calf, near your thigh, 2-inches up the inseam of your shorts, etc…) Use a long piece of masking tape to tape off one leg (You should tape off about halfway up your calf).
2. Repeat this step on the other leg, being sure to align the two pieces of tape on each leg.
3. Squeeze a small amount of the craft paint into the small tray.
4. Don’t be conservative! Paint generous amounts of paint on to you paints. Be sure to get right up on the masking tape, ensuring the line separating the paint from the original pant is sleek and straight.
5. Once the outside has been painted, allow the paints to dry overnight.
6. When they are dry, turn them inside out and repeat the above steps to the inside of the pants. Allow to dry overnight.
7. Once each side is dry, peel off the tape.
8. For a polished look, fold the bottom of each leg into a cuff.


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