Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Chloe S/S 10


-1 light-wash denim or chambray shirt
-1 pair of medium-wash jeans

-Scissors-Needle and thread
-Straight Pins
1. Cut out the back pockets of the medium-wash jeans; make sure to keep the pockets' outer edge intact.
2. Each pocket is comprised of two layers of denim. Separate those layers by snipping out the thread (use a seam ripper if you have one!). Reserve the top layer for the Extra Credit Step* or discard if you prefer to keep this D.I.Y. super simple.
3. Place and pin the bottom pocket denim onto the shirt where desired. (We like them on the shoulders as well as the front pockets, but they really can go anywhere you want!)
4. Stitch pockets onto the shirt, or if sewing isn't your thing, just use fabric glue to attach the pockets to the shirt!
*Extra Credit Step: For additional Chloe-like flair, use the top layer of the medium-wash pockets to make smaller shoulder details on the light-wash/chambray shirt. 

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