Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Alexander Wang Cutout Sweater

- A wool sweater. (A thick, knit texture works best)
- 1-2 yards of sheer fabric (Depending on how many cut outs you do)
- Needle and thread (Color of your sweater)
- Scissors
- Pencil
1. Turn your sweater inside out.
2. Now, decide what kind of pattern you’d like to cut into the sweater.
3. You can either draw the patterns with your pencil or you can cut them free hand with your scissors.
4. Now cut pieces of the sheer fabric that are large enough to cover the holes you just cut into the sweater.
5. Sew the sheer fabric on top of each hole.
6. When you’re done sewing on the sheer fabric, cut off any access fabric with your scissors.
7. Once all sheer fabric has been sewed on, flip your sweater back out.

**Pair this sweater with some black leggings, and some cute booties for a hot new fall look!


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