Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rachel Comey

A modern interpretation of the classic cardigan, knitted in a comfortable wool blend with a shawl collar, "gold-dipped" hem hand-printed and a slub-knit detail.  The relaxed, swingy body and slim arms with slit pockets at each hip make this cardigan one of falls must haves.
Local Bay Area'ns you can now get this at your favorite spot to shop

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Lace Floral Skirt

-Skirt ($50)
-1 yard of each lace color ($20/yard, the color of lace is up to you, but we recommend black, white, and a bright color)
-Straight Pins ($4)
-Needle and thread
1. Lay out the black lace on a flat surface. Cut out about 20 small pieces (note: these can vary in shape and size) to place on the front and back of the skirt.
2. Repeat Step 1 for both the white and colored lace.
3. Using the lace cutouts, create a pattern on the front of the skirt, layering the pieces so they appear as scattered clusters. Secure using straight pins.
4. Once you are happy with the pattern you've created, use a needle and thread to sew each lace cluster to the skirt.
5. Flip over the skirt and repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the back. 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Alexander Wang Cutout Sweater

- A wool sweater. (A thick, knit texture works best)
- 1-2 yards of sheer fabric (Depending on how many cut outs you do)
- Needle and thread (Color of your sweater)
- Scissors
- Pencil
1. Turn your sweater inside out.
2. Now, decide what kind of pattern you’d like to cut into the sweater.
3. You can either draw the patterns with your pencil or you can cut them free hand with your scissors.
4. Now cut pieces of the sheer fabric that are large enough to cover the holes you just cut into the sweater.
5. Sew the sheer fabric on top of each hole.
6. When you’re done sewing on the sheer fabric, cut off any access fabric with your scissors.
7. Once all sheer fabric has been sewed on, flip your sweater back out.

**Pair this sweater with some black leggings, and some cute booties for a hot new fall look!


DIY Cloud Tights

- Colored tights
- An array of pearlesque beads in different sizes
- Cream/white coloured string
- Thin needle (must be able to go through a bead)
- Household bleach
- Sponge
- Unused Toothbrush
- Rubber gloves
- Bathtub or sink
- Open window
1. Take out the tights from the packaging.
2. Lay flat in tub, wet the tights then wring out the water.
3. Using rubber gloves, sponge or toothbrush start sprinkling bleach onto the tights, being careful you don’t sprinkle on your own clothes or body!
4. Use the toothbrush to make smaller spray dots.
5. Leave the tights for approx. 2 hours, checking frequently to check up on progress.
6. Once successfully bleached to a level you’re satisfied with, throw into washing machine (with other laundry while you’re at it!) and give it a quick spin + tumble.
7. When dry, put the tights on (I’d suggest wearing another pair of sock under and over the tights to prevent it from getting dirty). Using needle and thread, sew into tights, pull out a length necessary for that section and do a double knot.
8. Start threading in beads of different sizes, alternating directions while sewing them in.
*TIP: try not to thread too many beads at one go, they may get quite heavy and snap off.
9. Be creative about the beads, add a bit of coloured beads here and there if you wish, and try organic shapes or even geometric. Repeat for other leg. (Or not).


DIY Color Blocked Bottoms

- A pair of chinos, boyfriend jeans or shorts
- 4 oz fabric or craft paint
- Flat paintbrush
- Small plastic tray
- Masking tape

1. Measure up to wherever you want the color blocking to begin (Half-way up your calf, near your thigh, 2-inches up the inseam of your shorts, etc…) Use a long piece of masking tape to tape off one leg (You should tape off about halfway up your calf).
2. Repeat this step on the other leg, being sure to align the two pieces of tape on each leg.
3. Squeeze a small amount of the craft paint into the small tray.
4. Don’t be conservative! Paint generous amounts of paint on to you paints. Be sure to get right up on the masking tape, ensuring the line separating the paint from the original pant is sleek and straight.
5. Once the outside has been painted, allow the paints to dry overnight.
6. When they are dry, turn them inside out and repeat the above steps to the inside of the pants. Allow to dry overnight.
7. Once each side is dry, peel off the tape.
8. For a polished look, fold the bottom of each leg into a cuff.


DIY Splatter-Paint Oxfords Project

Jazz Up Your Kicks!
- Oxfords
- Fabric paint
- Paintbrush
- Painters tape
- Newspapers
1. Tape off the soles of your shoes (or any place you do not want paint to hit).
2. Stuff the shoe with some newspaper to prevent any from getting inside.
3. Lay down any remaining newspapers as a protective covering on the floor and let the splattering begin!

DIY Valentino Sweater

-American Apparel's Fisherman Sweater ($78)
-1-2 yards of Wide French Lace ($25/yard)
-Paper and Pen (to make pattern)
-Chalk (to outline pattern if desired)
-Dritz Home Unique Stitch Fabric Glue ($4)
-3-inch Foam Brush ($.50)
Before you begin, make sure to clear a large surface so that you can lay your sweater down flat on your workspace.
1. Draw and cut out a circular pattern, which will be used to block out the center area of the sweater. The pattern should be placed approximately 2-3 inches below the neckline and approximately 5 inches from the bottom of the sweater. (Please note: the shape doesn't have to be a perfect circle, and the size will be determined by the size of the size of the sweater's center).
2. Cover the surface of your sweater (minus the sleeves) with the lace then pin the pattern you create on top of the lace.
3. Cut the lace around the pattern. Once completed, remove the pattern and excess pieces so that the lace only remains on the outside edges of your sweater.
4. With the foam brush, apply a thin layer of fabric glue on the sweater, wherever you want the lace to adhere. Pat the lace down on the sweater and wait approximately 30 minutes or until completely dry.
5. Trim any excess lace that is hanging off of the edges of your sweater for a clean look.