Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Cloud Tights

- Colored tights
- An array of pearlesque beads in different sizes
- Cream/white coloured string
- Thin needle (must be able to go through a bead)
- Household bleach
- Sponge
- Unused Toothbrush
- Rubber gloves
- Bathtub or sink
- Open window
1. Take out the tights from the packaging.
2. Lay flat in tub, wet the tights then wring out the water.
3. Using rubber gloves, sponge or toothbrush start sprinkling bleach onto the tights, being careful you don’t sprinkle on your own clothes or body!
4. Use the toothbrush to make smaller spray dots.
5. Leave the tights for approx. 2 hours, checking frequently to check up on progress.
6. Once successfully bleached to a level you’re satisfied with, throw into washing machine (with other laundry while you’re at it!) and give it a quick spin + tumble.
7. When dry, put the tights on (I’d suggest wearing another pair of sock under and over the tights to prevent it from getting dirty). Using needle and thread, sew into tights, pull out a length necessary for that section and do a double knot.
8. Start threading in beads of different sizes, alternating directions while sewing them in.
*TIP: try not to thread too many beads at one go, they may get quite heavy and snap off.
9. Be creative about the beads, add a bit of coloured beads here and there if you wish, and try organic shapes or even geometric. Repeat for other leg. (Or not).


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