Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Ways To Jazz Up Your Old Winter Coat

A nice winter coat is a purchase you shouldn’t scrimp on during the chilly winter months. You want something that’s warm and cozy, yet sleek and stylish. So, splurging on a fab winter coat seems like the right thing to do. However, year after year your closet gets filled up with one retired winter coat at a time as you either get tired of your old coat or it simply doesn’t tickle your fashion fancy any longer.
Think about this though – if you could jazz up every single one of your old winter coats to make them even better than before, would you? Think about the money you could save and the obvious fact – the slew of totally chic winter outerwear you’d have! We have a few suggestions for you as to how you could breath some new life into an old coat. Whether your coat is long or short, belted or buttoned, there are so many ways you can transform the look of an old coat to make it look brand new!
1. Add some ribbon or lace to the bottom of your coat, your sleeves, or up the front of the coat: This dainty detailing will give your coat the ultimate feminine touch.
2. Add a faux fur or fabric collar to your coat: Usher in some texture with one of the season’s hottest textures - fur! Or use some colorful fabric to sew right over the drab, already existing collar!
3. Change out the buttons: You could get really creative with this one using vintage or sparkly buttons! New buttons can really update the look of an old coat.
4. Add a belt: A cinched waist is always a fabulous look and can pump up the fashion volume on any coat. Try out a thick, stretchy leather belt!
5. Shorten a long coat: If you have a long, outdated trench style coat, shorten it to waist level. It will look like a totally different coat!
6. Add a fur or fabric cuff to your jacket: If you have a coat that has sleeves that have seen better days, cover up a frayed sleeve hem with a faux fur cuff.
7. Add a brooch or pin to your lapel: If you aren’t looking to alter the look of your coat in a dramatic fashion, this is a perfect way to add a little pop of style to your coat.
8. Nix the buttons altogether and, sew on a leather belt: Instead of throwing on a belt on top of buttons, nix the buttons altogether! Sew on a faux or real leather belt to make the closure for your coat.
9. Shorten the sleeves: Another way to fix up drab looking sleeves is to simply shorten them to a 3/4 length. This can update the look of any coat and give you the opportunity to add a little pop of color with a bright sweater underneath.
10. Add some embroidery, ruffles or fringe: Add something playful such as embroidery or fringe to the bottom of your coat or sleeves. This will give the perfect flirty pop to any style of coat!

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